Friday, February 10, 2023

In praise of nonsense

Original efelump that some said looked too much like an aardvark.

I'm a big fan of nonsense, and for a number of well-reasoned reasons (which I will not go into right now) believe it is not only something that makes us human, but is also a necessary ingredient in the education of our youth. A recent blog post by Elayne Crain about delightful nonsense words, reminded me that I wrote a mini-diatribe on the subject that I was going to add to my mini-picture book "Birb Goes Twerp", but due to space considerations I decided to leave out. For my fellow follyphiles I have posted it below.

A message from the author, Francis S. Poesy 

I believe that the power of nonsense to improve the human condition is very strong. I also believe that this power is equal to the power of humans to dismiss nonsense as just so much nonsense. It is because of this detestable equilibrium of sorts that we find ourselves in a barren, boring, wasteland of utter sense, with everything and everyone ordered in perfect logical rows and columns, while we still find ourselves, and our children, none the happier, nor none the wiser for it.

Though I am but one man with limited skill and more limited talent I decided to take a stand for nonsense by attempting to write a book devoid of any sense at all. It was a much tougher task than I at first expected and it has left me, while not broken, at least a little rougher around the edges than usual. I will leave it to the wiser among you to decide how well I have succeeded. My only hope is that it sets the door ajar to shine at least a sliver of light on how powerful nonsense can be in the lives of readers, young and old.

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