Sunday, August 08, 2021

The #AUGHOST Challenge

In my never ending search for ways to procrastinate from writing/querying my picture book manuscripts, I have once again found a time-waster worthy of my uh...time...uh...wasting. It is #AuGHOST, a drawing challenge on Twitter started by @theRealAuGhost (which appears to actually be two people). Following the prompts provided on the above mentioned Twitter account, participants create drawings on a ghostly theme. Below I will be posting my daily entries in the challenge. Enjoy!

Great, now I can't get that song out of my head!

I did two for day two for some reason. I liked both ideas I guess.

A tribute to Shirley Jackson's short story. A number of participants created images along the same theme.

The mayor of Ghoulsbergadelphia is here to officiate at the ceremony presenting you with the skeleton key to the city.

Future Fairy Ghostmother Millicent Rose levitates a pumpkin as part of her training.

It appears the lab results may have been tainted.

The Spirit of the Missed Three Pointer is destined to wander the court in an endless search for the championship-winning basket.

Can you ever trust a ghost?

Former meteorologist looking for big fluffy friend who loves long floats above the beach.

It's a bummer when your favorite box is haunted.

Using ghosts as the first line of defense during the siege of the haunted castle turned out to be a poor strategy.

While an accomplished mimic in his previous life, Charlie was not good at it in the after life. But he still enjoyed trying.

Ever since his passing, a thick juicy steak was never quite as good as Bob remembered.

The worst thing about having been a man of the cloth in his previous life was hearing the same "so I guess that makes you the Holy Ghost" joke from each new spirit he met. 

One perk Jay found in being dead was that he'd never again look like an idiot pushing the door instead of pulling it. Now he could just float right though.

The spirits of former statisticians prefer to haunt locations with tiled walls, for obvious reasons.

It was still her favorite scary story book, no matter what the others said.

The other ghosts aren't sure if Ernest is a raging pyrogeist or just a very clumsy candle cosplayer. Either way everything seems to go up in flames when he's around.

This one is inspired a bit by Eric Carle's book The Nonsense Show.

If he'd known his eternal ghostly appearance would show his mortal age, he probably would have instituted a moisturizing regimen in his youth.

It is a little known fact that the spirits of each of a cat's first eight lives follow it around, providing advice and comfort until all nine spirits can eventually be united into one. 

When asked why he liked to take the form of an ocarina to scare people when they tried to play him, Franklin always said because it is easier than taking the shape of a trumpet. 

The first day on the job was not going well for Dotty.

Frank was easily amused and enjoyed watching hikers step into his gaping mouth only to fall to the ground. 

While some looked down on Winston as a lesser wind elemental, he found the work simple and quite agreeable to his temperament.

Chomping a huge glob of peanut butter in his mouth was the extent of Otis' bag of tricks when it came to looking monstrous.

The textile factory had closed long ago so the ghosts of the child laborers didn't remember why they did it, but their favorite pastime was intertwining themselves together, over and over again.

One of the best Ivy League schools. And it isn't that hard to get into. You just float through the walls.

Day 29 of #AuGHOST was 'Past' so I figured why not post a ghost I drew in the past (at least 9 years ago).

The other guests at the Dickensian Haunted Christmas Costume Party weren't sure if Preston was trying to be funny or if he'd just never read A Christmas Carol.

The Grim Reaper always kept a supply of shrouds on hand to distribute to the future ghosts he would make.