Monday, October 28, 2019

My 9th Annual Halloweensie Contest Entry

Here is my entry for Susanna Leonard Hill's 9th Annual Halloweensie Contest. The rules are that the story must be for children (12 and under), and has to be 100 words or less. It must include the words potioncobweb, and trick. Of  course, it must be Halloween themed. Enjoy mine and comment with your thoughts. Then go to Susanna's website and read all the other entries! Or join in the fun. You have until Halloween at midnight to post your own Halloweensie story!

Trixie the Witch and her Halloween Tricks - Episode 13: Perfect Cobweb Potion (100 words)

Welcome to the show my creepy crones and conjurers.

It's Halloween and cobweb potion is a must for repelling those annoyingly cute trick-or-treaters.

The trick to perfect cobweb potion is using quality cobwebs.

The trick to getting quality cobwebs is finding giant spiders.

The trick to finding giant spiders is going deep into the haunted forest.

The trick to going deep into the haunted forest is not getting eaten by giant spiders.

The trick to not getting eaten by giant spiders is running away empty-handed and giving out candy to those irritatingly cute kids again this year.