Tuesday, May 10, 2016

This year's pwoermds

This post acts as an archive of my pwoermds for International Pwoermd Writing Month 2016.

04/01 - nameache
04/02 - tormeant
04/03 - gisting
04/04 - mrigmrig
04/05 - leaningmess
04/06 - dnupdnupdn
04/06 - updnupdnup
04/07 - racisht
04/08 - s~mma
04/09 - iluvulie
04/10 - epithanie
04/11 - )(e((
04/12 - ^>V<^
04/13 - merrimeat
04/14 - anoindead
04/15 - snorecerer
04/16 - painsay
04/17 - garblege 
04/18 - vaouille 
04/19 - tighthe 
04/20 - xqual
04/21 - llull
04/22 - 
04/23 - 
04/24 - eork
04/25 - n ne
04/26 - 
04/27 - unough
04/28 - pigip
04/29 - cleacl
04/30 - .:!i!:.
            - endne
            - fzn
            - exnydz
            - gwdbxyz
            - i=d


Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Happy Teacher's Day!

My initial thought on seeing this delightful little Google doodle was that to be more realistic the teacher pencil should be a little stub sharpened down to within an inch of its completely worn away eraser while the young pencil students should be tall, with the youngest one probably not even sharpened. I mean, how am I supposed to take Google seriously if they can't even get that right? Am I right? Anyway, Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers, except for you Mr. L. You can go pound sand!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rejected Golden Book Idea

I follow a lot of great illustrators and cartoonists on social media and one of them is Adam Koford, also known as apelad. He is the author of the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats cartoon, which are single panel cartoons that follow Kitteh and Pip, two hobo cats trying to keep out of the hoosegow and find the perfect stogie (Kitteh) or leaf (Pip). He also creates art for shirts at Shirt Woot. And he does this all while holding down a cool, top secret job in the video gaming industry. Anyway, his recent post about a rejected Golden Book idea - The Happiest Explosion - inspired me to create the above rejected Golden Book idea. I think more people should create rejected Golden Book ideas. Just Sayin'! #misguidedwhimsy

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Busy April

I've signed up for a number of writing things this April so I'll be a little busy doing writing things.

mynonym: a pwoermd
First is InterNaPwoWriMo, which is International Pwoermd Writing Month. I've participated in this activity a number of times over the years and it is a lot of fun to think up new words that aren't just new words but poems, in and of themselves. Every day I will be posting at least one pwoermd to my Twitter account (@tcanny) and possibly eventually compiling all of my pwoermds for the month in a post here at Mulberry & Bliss. Click on the links to find out more about InterNaPwoWriMo, the guy who started it all (Geof Huth), and to find out who all is participating this year. You can also participate, just by letting Geof know where you will be posting your daily pwoermds. I highly recommend it as a relatively easy and intellectually stimulating exercise in brevitiverby. (See what I did there?)

Second is Rhyming Picture Book Month, a.k.a. RhyPiBoMo. This is a month long event in its third year but it is my first year participating. It is run by Angie Karcher, and I hope after all the great blog posts and activities that it will help me to decide whether or not I want to write my current children's book idea in prose or poesy. One of the things I'm most looking forward to is reading at least two rhyming picture books every day. I have a bunch of them requested at my local library and I'm not sure I would have thought to read so many if not for RhyPiBoMo.

Third, is a creative writing course at the local community college which I'm taking as a way to make myself write on a more regular basis and to talk more in person with other writers. Last night was the first class and it looks to be a good group with diverse backgrounds and reasons for writing.

So, Go April!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Podcast Highlight: The Galaxy of Super Adventure

Since I have about an hour drive to and from work each day I am a big podcast listener. Mostly history and writing podcasts. So I thought maybe I'd feature one here every week.

Today's podcast is a relatively new one created by a group of author/illustrators/comic artists who I follow on other social media. It is called The Galaxy of Super Adventure, and it is a combination of a radio play and discussions on story, writing, cartooning, and general concerns of those involved in creative endeavors. I highly recommend it.

The episode I listened to today featured Jerzy Drozd and Zack Giallongo discussing cartoons from the 80's. (Author/Illustrator Ben Hatke is usually part of the mix but was not in this episode as he was attending a writer's conference/being held hostage on the planet of Space Wisconsin (I want to go to there).) At first I didn't think I'd be that interested in this episode as most of the cartoons they were talking about weren't ones I had watched growing up (I'm probably about 15-20 years older than these guys) but their level of knowledge, insight, and affection for the subject matter made it a great listen. Plus, during the mail segment at the end of the podcast they read a tweet I sent them after listening to the previous episode. So, you know, I'm kind of famous now.

If you are interested in listening in on discussions by working professional authors/cartoonists/illustrators about subjects like story, the craft of writing, the craft of cartooning, and other interesting things, then I recommend you subscribe.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Reading for Research Month 2016!

Well, Reading for Research Month 2016 is well underway and it has definitely gotten me to take seriously the idea of reading what you want to write. I came to it kind of late and am not quite as organized as probably the vast majority of other participants, however I am pushing myself to do more reading for research purposes.

To that end I have taken to checking out large numbers of picture books from the library and reading a few each night after work. My local library system has an online presence that allows me to pick specific books or search by author, and basically order as many books as I want. Within a day or two the books I requested are ready for pick up at my local branch.

And while my late arrival to the game and somewhat unorganized approach may not make me eligible for any of the prizes at the end of the month, this organized effort has shown me I need to read for research.

Oh, also, they have great daily blog posts on the subject that are spot-on mini-seminars on the subject of reading, researching, and writing for the children's market. What's not to love!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Old Children's Book Site - Idea Generator or Procrastination Engine?

Looking for something completely different on Google I stumbled across OldChildrensBooks.com and have been fighting the urge to rummage through the site for the rest of the day. Thought I'd share the link so others can use it for research, idea generation, or procrastination fodder. Your choice.