Monday, October 16, 2017

A Rather Round Contest!

The Kindle version of my Rather Round Alphabet book will be available for free download at from October 16th to October 20th. Go there now and download your FREE copy. While you are there you can also order a copy of the Print-On-Demand version, if you are so inclined. Then come back here and leave a comment saying you have downloaded your copy and be entered to win any number of Rather Round items. I'll be giving away:


A Set of Flash/Game Cards

A Copy of  the Print-On-Demand Book

To get extra chances, friend me on Twitter, follow my F.S. Poesy Instagram, and my personal Instagram, and tell me that you did in your comment. I'll add an extra chance for each account you follow. I'll also add chances if you share this post on social media and if you follow this page using the button on the right. Just let me know in your comment. I trust you! :)

Also, I'd love it if you checked out my SCBWI BookStop page and maybe left a like and signed the guestbook I'll be picking a winner from those who sign the questbook. And soon I'll be doing a Print On Demand book giveaway on Goodreads if you want to follow me there.