Sunday, November 22, 2020

Lessons From 2020

What lessons have we all learned from 2020, the year that exceeded everyone's expectations of how bad things could get. To be honest, I never thought it got so very bad, maybe because I always image how much more worse it could be.

That said, there are still life lessons that can be gleaned from this year, and I thought I'd use my current interest in kawaii to highlight what those lessons might be in comic form. Some more serious than others. I present them below for your review.

It's nice to feel needed!

Sometime things stink. And that's OK!

You can be both strong and fragile.

Sometimes life looks like a chessboard...

You rock!

Even a nut like me...

Know your rights!

A good idea...

Love is a mug of hot tea!

Are emojis up to the challenge?

No one said there would be math!

Too much perspective?

I know it is here somewhere!

Wait. We were supposed to plan?

Yay music!