Wednesday, November 02, 2022

FrightFall2022 - October Art Challenge

 I recently purchased a new iPad that was capable of supporting Procreate, which I almost immediately downloaded and began exploring.

I have experience with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop so it wasn't too difficult to pickup Procreate and start doodling. And seeing as it was so close to October, I decided to participate in the October Art Challenge named Fright Fall 2022 and hosted by Retro Supply Inc., a company that provides brushes, textures, etc. for use with Procreate and other graphics applications.

So, here are all the #FrightFall2022 prompts with my renditions. And if you haven't already, and you like spooky stuff, I do recommend checking out the #FrightFall2022 hashtag on Instagram for more autumnal fun.


Candy - Cannibal Candy Corn!

Hocus Pocus - No relation to the (imho) highly overrated film of the same name.

Crow - A murder of a crow.

Urn - Poorly drawn in the style of Edward Gorey.

Eye - Don't look at the evil eye! Oops, too late. Sorry.

Razor Blade - Free hugs!

UFO - Unidentified? Really? I mean, he has his ID right there.

Slasher - A big fan of slasher movies, Oliver realized too late that knife handling was more dangerous than he had imagined.

Centipede - Nothing to see here. Just a centipede minding its own business, doing whatever it is that centipedes do.

Fortune Teller - Sometimes it is better not to know your fortune.

Poltergeist - Little known fact: Most poltergeists are just cats living one of their nine afterlives to the fullest.

Jack-O-Lantern - Just a Jack-O-Lantern

Curse - Curses!

Tombstone - Yup, still dead.

Bride - Over the years they had forgotten exactly who had been the bride and who had been the groom but the tragic event on their wedding day had not given them enough time together so they decided to never part despite their “condition”.

Cyclops - Just a #cyclops wandering about foraging for foodstuffs like roots, mushrooms, and lost seafarers.

Bigfoot - Misconceptions about what Bigfoot truly looks like have proven advantageous for this solitary and reclusive creature. Its penchant for flopping in soft muddy patches of forest floors for fun helps contribute to continued confusion as to this fascinating creature’s true stature.

Corn Doll - Pro tip: If you don’t have any good ideas for the day’s prompt just draw the thing dead with its spirit leaving its body.

Monster - She loved her time in the countryside because of the beautiful flowers and because there was no one to make her feel like she was a monster.

Reanimated - Maybe Zombie Guy just wants to talk.

Moth Man - He's like a super hero, right?

Blood - I want to suck your me!

Candle - Suddenly, Candle realized its inevitable fate.

Demon - My favorite candy growing up.

Puzzle Box - The dreaded RGB Puzzle Box! Can you find something good to watch before it breaks your will to live and you are compelled by its evil to watch infomercials until 3 in the morning?

Cauldron - Root of hemlock always upset Cauldy’s tummy.

Toad - It turned out that stealing Frog’s tin crown WAS the way for Toad to get all those princesses to notice him.

Necronomicon - The digital age has made practicing dark magic much easier, but the craft has definitely lost much of its ghastly charm.

Creep - While Burgess knew his appearance was somewhat creepy, he did not consider himself a ‘creep’ per se.

Wrong Turn - Honestly, anyone who falls for this deserves what they get.

Costume - Constance was not a fan of dress up, so most years she attended the Annual Afterlife Halloween Masquerade Ball disguised as herself.

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