Sunday, May 06, 2018

Creative Procrastination

A little over a year ago I decided I would buckle down and focus on writing stories for children's books. I've made progress but find one of my biggest problems is what I've decided to call creative procrastination. I come up with ideas for different things and decide they won't take up too much time. Then, with a number of these little projects piled up, I find I haven't worked on my stories.

I really enjoy the quick creative hit these little projects give me and to a certain extent they have made me stick to a schedule as I try to get things done on a daily or weekly basis. So now I just need to schedule in my story writing time.

Here are the procrastination projects I've currently got going or had going recently:

Participation in International Pwoermd Writing Month

Saint Tweet - A Twitter tweet about a lesser known Catholic saint every day

Jubal the Early Worm web comic (posted on F. S. Poesy's Instagram, every Friday)

2-Bit Overlords ABCs of Total World Domination web comic (posted on my Instagram every Wednesday)

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