Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why I'm probably not cut out to be a writer

So a few years back I came up with a silly idea for an alphabet book. I thought it would be funny to have an alphabet of items that were all round with a hole in the middle. Think bagel, doughnut, washer, etc. All the items would look virtually alike. I know, hilarious, right? Like most of my ideas I never thought it would be salable (I wasn't even confident I could come up with an item for each letter) but it seemed like it would be fun to create for my own amusement. So I started to notate things that had that shape to see how many I could come up with. I never stayed focused long on the idea but would think about it periodically as I saw something that might make it into the book.

Fast forward a couple years and I decide to start working on the art for it as a way to keep up my Illustrator skills which aren't getting the workout they deserve on the job. So now in the time I've been drawing it I've gone from the goofy idea of things having the same exact shape; to requiring they at least be round (no hole required); to things that are only round when viewed at a specific angle (think of a gum drop viewed from above).

I know it is called a creative "process" for a reason but if I can't even stick to a simple idea for a simple alphabet book how am I going to write anything more complicated without getting bogged down in all the possibilities. I've already seen that problem with ideas I've had for other stories. Still, I guess once I figure that much out it will be smooth sailing from then on. Right?