Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Jubal the Early Worm #11

I kind of felt funny drawing Jubal in all his glory. I also think I got his proportions wrong. His head seems a little small but I'm going to say it's because of the light refraction under water. Yeah, that's it.

I've got a few more cartoons in mind and then I'll be out of useable quotes from Firefly's Jubal Early. If you've got any lines you'd like to see me use let me know. You can check the Objects in Space transcript if you like. I will warn you though that I won't be using any of the darker lines as I don't think they fit the lighthearted character of Jubal the Early Worm.

I've got some ideas for taking Jubal further with words of his own. If I don't think I can maintain a steady stream of Jubal cartoons I may toy with the idea of making him an "open source" character. It could be interesting to see what others might do with the idea of a worm speaking lines from a bounty hunter character from a Firefly episode. Anyway, thanks for reading this far. I hope you enjoy Jubal the Early Worm.


Becky said...

"Am I a lion? I don't think of myself as a lion."

"I like the way the walls go out. Gives you an open feeling."

"Don't go visiting my intentions."

"Don't want to be doin' anything rash."

"Early's on the move."

Tim Canny said...

Thanks for the input Becky. I'm working on one for the lion quote and I think I now have an idea for the one about the walls going out. Sometimes you just need to see the quote out of context to think up a way to use it.